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Draft carting with your dog

A fun and useful activity for you and your dog Peter McCormick’s dog, Odin, helps to bring home a freshly-cut Christmas tree [Photo by Martha McCormick] My dog, Taedyn, and I have a symbiotic relationship. We go everywhere together, work together, play together and help each other out whenever we can. We have a doggie backpack so that we can both share the load of carrying the things we need once we reach our destination. When my back went out -- preventing me from even being able to carr...

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Infrared Photography

Infrared photography creates an interesting effect where greenery is white, skin is porcelin and eyes are very black. It can be done both digitally and with film, each with their pros and cons. Infrared on film Film is more hazy due to a lack of an anti-halation layer, and grain caused by a higher ASA. This is often times considered a positive because it gives a very heavenly or nostalgia feel to the photograph. An anti-halation layer is present on most film, preventing colors from mixing, b...

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