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Draft carting with your dog

A fun and useful activity for you and your dog Peter McCormick’s dog, Odin, helps to bring home a freshly-cut Christmas tree [Photo by Martha McCormick] My dog, Taedyn, and I have a symbiotic relationship. We go everywhere together, work together, play together and help each other out whenever we can. We have a doggie backpack so that we can both share the load of carrying the things we need once we reach our destination. When my back went out -- preventing me from even being able to c...

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My dog's bloat survival story

Taedyn was diagnosed with cancer in the beginning of March, 2011. She’s had surgery to remove the tumor, and chemo to eradicate what is left. It has been a week and a half since her second dose of chemo, and I noticed she was feeling slightly restless yesterday. This has not been unusual. She has been having diarrhoea on and off and so has been feeling somewhat upset. Her stomach has been grumbly and she’s had gas (both burping and farting) for weeks. I thought yesterday’s minor discomfort wa...

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Through the eyes of a dog

It's amazing at times what insight you can get at how an animal perceives the world. I discovered recently a peculiar perception Taedyn has of elevators. She apparently doesn't understand that its purpose is for transportation. She likes to carry things, and will pick up a rock or stick on the way to the office and bring it inside. On this particular day she dropped the stick while we were waiting for the elevator door to open and didn't collect it again before we entered. When...

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