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Advanced theming for

I have gone through all of the themes offered by and pulled out all of their theme elements and significant syntax. The goal is for this to serve as reference and make it easier to add and modify aspects of a theme when modifying the source code. HTML provided is for context only to make it easier to understand where a code snippet is intended to be used. Overall page elements These are the primary elements that would appear on each page of the blog. html prefix="og: http://ogp....

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Using an Existing System vs Creating One from Scratch

The question has come up debating if one should use an existing content management system (like Drupal) or widget (like Prototype Window), or create their own custom system from scratch. First of all, you need to evaluate your website’s feature requests, and your development team. The variables to consider are: Quantity of features Complexity of features Size of development team Diversity and experience of development team In general, the higher quantity and complexity of features will dema...

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The domain real estate business

Yup, thats right. Domains are real estate. And it's in a bubble. Buy low, sell high - REAL high. Profit margins are in the hundreds of thousands of percent, or at the least, hundreds of percent. And I just contributed to it in order to maintain the value of my property. A new neighbor moved in next door, and he was one of those hicks with the three cars on cinder blocks in the front yard types. It was so bad I considered moving, only to remember when I first moved in here, I couldn&apos...

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