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Make Your Own RWS Tarot Coloring Book

Grab the printable black and white tarot images I provided in a prior blog post. Choose the size you want to work with (8.5"x11" vs 5.5"x8.5") and print out the pages. I recommend using a nicer, thicker paper than your regular printing paper. I've been using this matte brochure paper optimized for laser printers and have been quite happy with it. The price is quite good for being crafty with it! The paper curls in the printer, but it can be uncurled with some work on your part. It's easiest w...

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RWS Tarot Images in Black and White for Free Download

Here is the ultimate collection of black and white RWS tarot images in PDF format all for free. The RWS deck is so old that it is now in the public domain both under the old system and new system (life+70 years), so I am offering my collection for free. These are in PDF format to make it easier to download them in bulk and print them straight from the files RWS Tarot Images in Black and White Each image is 1780x3180 pixels. The PDF files have bookmarks to make it easier to jump to a specif...

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