I support Universal Basic Income

I see a time where there aren't enough jobs for everyone. This will drive down wages and drive down quality of life. In fact, we may already be in this situation, but we can't see it clearly because it has been such a gradual decline -- much like a frog in a pot that was brought up to a boil.

With universal basic income, I see a culture of arts, and innovation, and much much more people investing their time helping others. I see this culture, and I see how innovation and quality of life will grow by leaps and bounds. I hope I can witness it within my lifetime.

I know you'll read this and think it's an unrealistic fantasy. However, I spend much time in communities for financially trapped parents and those who are disabled. I see UBI lifting all of these people from these financial constraints and bounding out into the rest of society spreading the fruits of their productivity. We have a large untapped section of our population. UBI could unlock their potential.

I became convinced of the potential of UBI when I saw a peek into how much New Zealand helps their people. A young man was in an accident and became paralyzed from the neck down. New Zealand's system gave him plenty of healthcare and devices to maximize his quality of life and potential productivity. They provided him free round the clock nursing care -- giving jobs to those nurses, and freeing his family to continue their own jobs and maintain their productivity. They gave him food and shelter since it was so difficult to for him to earn an income on his own. And then that young man took all the freedom New Zealand had invested into him and used it to develop ground breaking software. He used his time and helped people around the world.

That was just one young man. Imagine what could happen if everyone had the freedom to realize their potential and give back to society.

Our society would improve with each successive generation because children will be raised with home and food security, have parents that are less stressed and therefore be less stressed themselves freeing up mental space to explore and learn. With UBI our children would be raised by a village. These children will be more mentally stable, have absorbed much more of their education, and have more exposure to elders and learn of their experiences.

Imagine what an entire generation of children raised in that environment would bring to the world. Imagine the potential of the generation raised by people who grew up in that environment. For the first 100 years each generation will produce so much more then the generation before it. Just imagine the advancements that could occur.

I see that and it's exciting. I want all these people freed from their financial struggles and then witness what they give back to the world. I believe what we would see would be amazing.