Even as adults, we have comfort objects

Anna Walters wrote a fantastic article, "Did you have a 'Blankie' as a kid? Here's what that says about you." It is an exploration into transitional objects while growing up, and admitting that even as adults we likely have comfort objects!

Me as a child, cuddling with both my blankie and my cat, Sunshine

I had a blankie. It kept getting lost and we'd buy a new one. I don't have any memory of the final separation, but it's probably mixed in with my memories of all the other separation events.

I very quite likely transitioned from my blankie to my cat, Sunshine. She was always there for me. Is that why I have such a need to have a pet? Has it become ingrained that cuddling with a pet is my method to soothe myself down to neutral?

I am intrigued with the insight that adults use comfort objects all the time but just aren't completely aware of it. Our purses? A necklace? Ring? And for goodness sake, now our phones!

I've been doing more research into mindfulness and meditation. Just this morning I was starting to think that perhaps the key aspect is taking time to regularly unwind and self soothe back to neutral. I have been thinking about the ramifications of NOT regularly getting to neutral and staying in a tightly wound state for extended periods. What if that's the key to emotional stability? Unwinding every day?
This theory that adults have comfort objects makes me think this is related to the benefits of meditation. If the comfort object helps to unwind, or resist winding tighter, is it possible that regular meditation helps to make our own mind a comfort object? Therefore, we end up with a comfort object that is always right there by merely closing our eyes.

Take a moment to think about this. Do you feel wound up? Do you feel you take time to unwind yourself? Do you think you have any objects - or even rituals - that you go to perhaps because they help to unwind you, even if just a little bit? What if you did take time to unwind yourself every day?

I'm going to keep thinking about this stuff.